Neera 110 ABS Bike Helmet for Men – RED

Neera 110 ABS Bike Helmet for Men - RED

Price : 1300 Taka

Product details of 110 ABS Bike Helmet for Men – RED

  • Name:110 ABS Bike Helmet for Men – Black
  • Model: 110
  • Brand: Neera
  • Color: Black
  • Size:Large
  • Main Material: ABS
  • Visior: Single
  • Country Of Origin: China

110 ABS Bike Helmet for Men – Black

The helmet comes with removable and replaceable liners. High-quality UV resistant Polyurethane paints used for aesthetic enhancement. It will give you total protection to the head and ear and make the riding experience enjoyable instead of being a troublesome affair.
It has a clear view option. It will help you to protect the eyes from dust and other debris especially when you are on the move at a reasonably high speed. It certainly will go a long way in increasing rider confidence in more ways than one. Riders need not concentrate their mind on protecting their eyes while riding and this could also improve the safety of riding quite significantly.
wearing helmet helps you to protect your life. While you are controlling your vehicle on the roads you would face a lot of problems especially accident by wearing helmet can protect your head from danger. Head is the most important part for everyone. If our heads have problem we can’t do anything, or sometimes it can cause to be abnormal or crazy or ever dead.

Specifications of 110 ABS Bike Helmet for Men – RED

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  • SKU
  • Availability of Sun Visor
  • Availability of Pin-lock
  • Style Helmet
  • Quality Certification
    No certification
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110 ABS Bike Helmet for Men – Black


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